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In the years leading up to 1998 James' love for photography started. It began with the romantic street photographers such as Bresson and Brassai whose ideas and methods resonated with him.

London was his  home, where he was exposed to the dark gritty side of urban life. And the amazing diversity both human and urban. 


From 1998 to 2004 he studied photography and visual arts, and worked in the darkroom with film. The digital age was just starting, and while he embraced it, it left him somewhat unsatisfied.

LiTE-HAUS often exhibits his collage works, which have a rough, distinct style. Using images from magazines, books, and some of his own photography, he combines images that allow the viewer to create their own idea of what the meaning of each piece is.

Some collages are available on our online shop. You can always contact us to view additional works.


James is now based in Berlin.

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