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Bernd Reichert is a visual artist who lives and works in Berlin. He was born in 1960 behind the Iron Curtain in East Germany. After the reunification of Germany, he left the country and lived many years on the surreal shores of Belgium. In 2021 he relocated to Germany.

In his paintings he mostly depicts women, often nude. He grew up in a time and place when the naked female body was perceived as unfolding its original charm and thus radiating an unconstrained self-confidence.


Besides painting, his practice comprises collage works and artist books. Most of his collage works are created from found material acquired during travels and urban walks from all over the world. It is a juxtaposition of elements, images and objects which are incoherent to each other, thereby exercising a de-contextualizing form of violence on language and image alike.

LiTE-HAUS maintains a collection of Bernd's artworks in the gallery, and you can view them also on our online shop.

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