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Information for artists seeking representation.

Artists and Curators who want to exhibit at LiTE-HAUS must decide if they want "representation" or "space rental". If you want to rent space and handle your own exhibition, you should look for the information under the RENT menu, which is also preferable for Curators. If you want representation or more production assistance in a curated exhibition, continue reading.


LiTE-HAUS is a non-profit gallery located in Neukölln. The legal entity is Ad Finem gGmbH based in Berlin, Germany. It is owned by New York artist and entrepreneur Debbie Davies. More information about our team is under the ABOUT menu. Read about our mission.


We offer non-exclusive representation to international artists for solo or group exhibitions. You may submit your application by clicking on ARTIST APPLICATION. Our curators will review your application.

If you are selected for representation, your exhibition will be promoted by LiTE-HAUS.


LiTE-HAUS staff will assist you installing and dismantling your exhibition, and one of our team will be available during gallery hours.


Since we are a non-profit organization, we rely on grants, donations, and sales of art. We are not a commercial gallery, but our goal is to nurture artists in their careers and help sell art. LiTE-HAUS commission is 20% of any sales of your work.

Artists pay an administrative fee to help cover costs. The fee is in addition to the 20% sales commission mentioned above. However, both the fee and commission is negotiable depending on dates of exhibition, anticipated sales, and possible outside funding.

Click here for room measurements and some prior exhibition photos, so you can see if your artwork is a good fit for the spaces.

Click here for information about exhibition typical schedule, cost, and artist responsibilities.

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