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Chilean-born Melanie Garland is an artist and architectural restorer. She is currently enrolled in a PhD in art and the anthropology of migration at Berlin's Humboldt University.

She is the co-founder of the art project nomadicArt that works at ZK/U Berlin (Zentrüm für Kunst und Urbanistik Berlin) on issues surrounding migration and integration. 

She is interested in the relationship between art, migration, cultural architectural heritage and visual anthropology; working directly with migrant communities - currently with African, Syrian, Iranian, German, Chilean and Colombian communities in the context of postcolonial studies.

From her vision as an artist, restorer and future anthropologist, she is in constant reflection and questioning on human processes such as cultural diversity, social integration, cultural genealogy, local globalization, memory and history of colonized communities, postcolonial reflections, and how it is possible to cover these issues on an artistic and conceptual level. In her ongoing PhD research, she is interested in the process of rethinking colonization and decolonization concepts in the frame of postcolonial studies.  Through different artistic and ethnographic methodologies such as art action, performance and interactive installation, she tries to create an archive of migration memories around Europe and South America.

LiTE-HAUS is proud to offer a selection of Garland's works for sale. We are also happy to have her as a collaborator on various galerie projects and social initiatives.

See her previous exhibitions at LiTE-HAUS - "Connecting Stores" and "Space of Possibility"


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