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Space of Possibility MELANIE GARLAND

Exhibition | Ausstellung 25. Jul - 29. Aug

Hours: 13:00 - 18:00 Uhr Mittwoch bis Samstag (1pm-6pm Wednesday to Saturday)

Appointments recommended but not required; click here for appointment. Masks are required.

The exhibition Space of Possibility is a part of the ongoing PhD research in art and anthropology by the artist Melanie Garland.

Garland relates the anthropological concept of liminality (from the Latin word līmen, meaning "a threshold", in between borders) as a space of possibility for generating ideas for the future. Garland researches illegal camps in Europe and South America - so-called “non-places” that change and evolve into “social places”, and how the concept of liminality plays a role in their transformation. She focuses on rethinking non-places, ritual design, and the Corona crisis with the liminality approach, analyzing this transformation process at the micro/macro and spatial/architectural level. Building on migration, postcolonial studies and art practice studies, Garland explores how non-places and “places of exception” generate liminal places in urban areas. Liminal places as a space of possibility are not only waiting areas; they are also safe spaces that foster the generation of  ideas, strategies and new knowledge, creating new ways of living, redefining identities and encouraging political empowerment.

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