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Herve All


August 2 - 16, 2016

French artist Herve All will present two bodies of work in Raum 1 and Raum 2 which address identity. How do we perceive ourselves? How do others perceive us? How have perceptions changed over time?

"Women Lightscape" is a photographic series about femininity. The women in Herve's photos represented a wide range: all ages, all walks of life, all morphologies. Exposed, the women move in the shadows of their environment - both public and private. Each image is immersed in the real world and contains the intimate sphere of the subject. The light reveals her, while we detect in the dark her room's everyday objects: a green plant here, a laptop there, titles of books stored in a library ... so many little clues to her identity. Does she reveal something of the eternal feminine?

"Identity Crisis" is a series of icons; lithographs that reference classical paintings of our ancestors. The faces are masked in black, but it is not the mask of an offender or criminal; rather it is a mask of shame. The subjects are ashamed not to recognize our brave new world and its social evolution. The world today is moving increasingly faster. Today as yesterday, we are plural, made from cultures and civilizations that strive to achieve balance. The artist has a role in this. The artist has a responsibility to change the world.

The artist will conduct a book signing (date to be announced) and offer a surrealist photography workshop at LiTE-HAUS for a small group of participants in August. The registration will be open for applicants via this website on July 18.

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