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Bilbo Calvez

"die Bärensuppe"

September 20 - October 11, 2016

LiTE-HAUS welcomes artist and activist Bilbo Calvez's project: "Die Bärensuppe". With this multimedia, interactive exhibition Calvez offers a protected space where, instead of panic, aggression or nihilistic reactions, the theme of a moneyless society can be approached open-mindedly and positive visions expanded. 


The conversion of activities into numbers, in terms of money, always advantages some, usually the few. It is never fair and engenders a great deal of corruption and catastrophic consequence at the human, animal and environmental level. Nevertheless, living without money is a step most of us see as impossible. Most of us fear that a society without money – that is without exchange – would mean chaos and rampant criminality. 


But could the current world situation, where a few people own nearly all the wealth of the planet, become worse?

This question, and many others, will be explored in this exhibition which is presented in three rooms of activities, videos, art, and...soup. Aside from seeing artwork, visitors can participate in cooking a “community soup”, participating in "therapy" sessions and "confessions", and see videos by prominent activists discussing alternative lifestyles.

More information is on Facebook and on the project website where you can make an apppointment for "therapy" or "confession". Here's a video about this thoughtful project.


View the full English language description here.    View the full German language description here.

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