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5 - 7. June 2020

Make paper flowers with LiTE-HAUS owner/artist Debbie Davies and post your creation online with tag #BOOMBLOOM48 to become part of an exhibition. Video instructions here - easy to do.

If you haven't seen artist Alina Radu's exhibition "21st Century", this is your last weekend to experience it. Book your appointment online.

Neukölln Stories 'Memories of a Neighborhood' is part of the ongoing project in which the artist collective nomadicArt archives stories from Berlin.​ As part of this project, selected artists will create a work of art in relation to the stories of the shops and neighbors in Neukölln. Read all about it and meet the artists in our e-zine.

LiTE-HAUS was founded to help artists and our diverse Neukölln neighborhood. Every month we prepare exhibitions featuring artists from all over the world. This time our exhibitions will be shown via YouTubeInstagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr. Create with us. Share with us. Listen with us. We have prepared online platforms to participate in this year's Offenes Neukölln festival. We're sure you'll find something you like. 

Play the slideshow >>.

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