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Curator: Debbie Davies

In abstract art, lines and colors serve as essential elements for artists to express their emotions, ideas, and concepts. Through the use of lines, artists create movement, rhythm, and structure within their compositions. Colors, on the other hand, evoke emotions and set the mood, allowing artists to convey meaning and create visual impact. Come see what these Berlin artists have created using different mediums to fill the space with a powerful color punch.

Kevin Pollack + Anja Weingärtner + Miora Acker + Margot Point

+ Mina Gospavic  + Mustafa Kemal Kim + Dylan Pero + Thomas Naumann

EXHIBITION: MAY 25 - JUNE 10, 2023  (25.05.23 - 10.06.23)

VERNISSAGE: MAY 25 6pm-9pm (18:00 - 21:00)

HOURS: Tue-Sat 1PM-6PM | Dien-Sam 13:00-18:00 Uhr

Otherwise CLOSED Sundays and Mondays

We are happy to stay open late or see you early for your scheduled visit outside of normal business hours. 

Click here for an appointment.

Collage workshops available during this exhibition. 


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