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Curators: Debbie Davies, Lucy Nychai, Marta Pogorila

LiTE-HAUS opens its 2024 exhibition year with a collaboration with Ukrainian curators and creators Lucy Nychai and Marta Pogorila. The theme is intended as a reminder to all that there is more we have in common than what differentiates us.

As we navigate through the complexities of current global and local conflicts, it becomes all too easy to minimize the humanity of others. We also see individuality and personal freedoms under threat, even in countries whose core ideologies are based in Democracy.

Six artists present their interpretations of being human, and open a dialogue with our visitors which we hope will enlighten, educate, and encourage connection.


Candy Bassas  +  Sara Haik

Yan Jun White  +  Dylan Brennan

 Alexandra Aquilina  +  Ghaith Tahsin


EXHIBITION: FEBRUARY 14 - MARCH 1, 2024  (14.02.24 - 01.03.24)

VERNISSAGE: FEBRUARY 14 5PM-9PM (14.02.24 17:00 - 21:00 Uhr) 

HOURS: Tue-Sat 1PM-6PM | Dien-Sam 13:00-18:00 Uhr

We are happy to stay open late or see you early for your scheduled visit outside of normal business hours. Click here for an appointment.


LiTE-HAUS is a non profit organization. Your donations help us present exhibitions like this. Please consider donating - or buying art! SHOP

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