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Hyein Shin + Leewon Seo

Exhibition | Ausstellung 25. Jul - 29. Aug

Hours: 13:00 - 18:00 Uhr Mittwoch bis Samstag (1pm-6pm Wednesday to Saturday)

Appointments recommended but not required; click here for appointment. Masks are required.

Creative duo '"dipi" are artists Leewon Seo and Hyein Shin, based in two different cities. Hyein lives and works in Berlin, whereas Leewon lives and works in Seoul. The passion of creativity they share leads them to constantly work together regardless of the difference of time and space.


Since 2017, they have been holding an annual exhibition project that layers the captured moments of "now.”  They have widely held exhibitions in Berlin, Seoul, and even on a train in Russia, which ironically showed that unusual spaces inspire more public participation and communication, something that dipi encourages more.

The current exhibition [Missing People] is holding up a mirror to the global situation dealing with the pandemic. The people missing from their environments stir up the feeling of loss and sense of being erased. The artwork reminds you of the feeling when we used to walk on the colorful streets.

Die aktuelle Ausstellung [Missing People] spiegelt die globale Situation im Zusammenhang mit der Pandemie wider. Die fehlende / verschollene Menschen, wecken das Gefühl des Verlustes und der Löschung. Das Kunstwerk bringt die Zuschauer*innen zurück in die Zeit, als Sie durch die farbenfrohen Straßen gehen konnten.

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