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Neue Echtheit Thema des Kunstfestivals 48 Stunden Neukölln

vom 22./23./24. Juni 2018 (June 22-24,2018)

Below is information about this year's festival theme. LiTE-HAUS will exhibit the work of several artists during the festival. View the photo gallery for information about each artist. Read the full press release here.

Die LiTE-HAUS Galerie freut sich, zu 48 Stunden Neukölln vom 22.–24. Juni 2018 Ana Bathe, Aino Onia, Sabine Küster, Carla Pohl und Doreen Trittel von der Künstlerinnengruppe Ogledalo präsentieren zu können, sowie die Fotografen Dirk-Martin Heinzelmann und Jürgen Bürgin. Sie alle setzen sich mit dem diesjährigen Thema „Neue Echtheit“ auseinander und entwickeln ihre jeweilige künstlerische Position dazu, die sie während dieses Wochenendes im LiTE-HAUS zeigen. Victoria Hohmann liest eigene Texte. Zu den Zeiten siehe unser Programm.

Freitag | Friday 22. Juni 2018

Offen | Open 19 bis 23 Uhr | 7 pm till 11 pm

Aktion | Live-Work von Aino Onia 20 bis 21 Uhr | 8pm  till  9 pm


Samstag | Saturday  23. Juni 2018,  

Offen | Open 11 bis 23 Uhr | 11am till 11 pm

Aktion | Live-Work My first Million von Aino Onia 

11.30 bis 12.30 Uhr | 11.30 am till 12.30 pm

Performative Interviewsession FLUIDUM von Sabine Küster 15-18 Uhr | 3-6 pm

Sonntag | Sunday 24. Juni 2018, 

Offen | Open 11 bis 19 Uhr | 11 am till 7 pm 

Lesung | Reading Vom Dazwischen von Victoria Hohmann

13 bis 14  Uhr | 1pm-2 pm

Performance  THROUGH BLURRY LIGHT von Aino Onia mit Kitchensemble  

15.30 bis 16.30  Uhr | 3.30 till 4.30 pm 


The theme of 48 Stunden Neukölln in 2018 is Neue Echtheit, referring to the issue of what is real, authentic and genuine.

We live in an age in which what is legitimate, veritable and real is no longer clearly defined. An appreciation of what is original and genuine is now, through changed social conventions and new means of communication, less widespread; former certainties about economical and ecological developments fade and regard for such qualities has become a sort of anachronism. Do we have to re-examine the meaning of what is real in this epoch of digital omnipresence? Is there still an expectation that art ought to be honestly real and genuine? These are the crucial questions that our festival theme poses.

There is often an assumption that artists produce work that is original or at least what can be “sold” as such. The art market demands work that is genuine and authentic while also constantly redefining what is “real”, a yearning for direct echoes of the artist's biography. What strategies have been developed in the arts to deal with this need for authenticity? What materials, processes and approaches can still deliver what is really real? Does this approach need to be re-examined?

LiTE-HAUS Galerie + Projektraum was founded for the purpose of celebrating cultures, diversity and helping fellow artists. Set up as an artist-owned non profit organization - Ad Finem gGmbH - LiTE-HAUS relies on the generosity of the Berlin community, art sales, and grants to survive. Please donate via the link at the top of this page.

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