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Inaugural Exhibition

"We Love Us"

April 7 to April 24, 2016

Finissage April 24 5pm-8pm

Our inaugural exhibition is a group show featuring three artists exploring the theme of LOVE. Debbie T. Davies (New York) exhibits "The I Love You Project". Oliver O. Rednitz (Berlin) is known for his posters found all over Berlin celebrating love and diversity. Cecilia Erismann (Zurich) conducts interactive projects involving postcards, embroidery, and love letters.


The I Love You Project by Debbie T. Davies is a global interactive social art project which celebrates diversity using video, photography, and sound. A digital microscope camera is used to videotape participants saying “I Love You” in their native language. The voices are recorded separately, combined with original music and videotaped images to create a multi-media exhibition. Portraits of participants are also part of the exhibition creating a mosaic of human faces. The microscope camera creates unexpected portraits that play with skin tone, contrast, and light. The goal of the project is to explore cultures and bring people of different backgrounds together through an art platform. This project has been conducted in Barcelona, Kyiv, Frankfurt, Giessen, and Berlin. Davies, who is an international liaison for the Congress of Cultural Activists in Kyiv, has created a strong connection with Ukraine in an effort to expose the creative culture of Kyiv. Photographs and video from the Kyiv project, Spain, and Germany will be part of this exhibition.


With his poster series “Heldenreise” Berlin’s Oliver O. Rednitz creates spiritual sculptures, which condense the public space and description in the spirit and terms of Joseph Beuy‘s: a social sculpture. The increasingly privatized public space is re-conquered, and the viewer’s perception, language, thinking and acting assists to co-create the space as it becomes newly interpreted. Rednitz’s colorful, graphic posters have been an uplifting presence streets of Berlin.


Brazilian born Cecilia Erismann will exhibit 3 projects:


The “Helena Project “ consists of 5 short poems weaved in 5 embroidery hoops by 5 different women, who got together to weave and to share their love stories and reflections on 3 feminine Greek figures. It approaches the image of the women who are there for their love, and at the same time makes a critique of it.


The "Love Letter Project" has the goal of being an open space where everyone can express love by writing and receiving love letters. In an affirmation of the possibility to love – and to express this love – the project is dedicated to the words that only exist between ‘You’ and ‘I’.


The ‘A love letter that I wrote to you’ is a recollection of everything that wasn't used in the artist’s studies and writings to compose poems weaved in the embroidery hoops, being transformed into a love letter. The aim is to express the dialogue that the artist opens with her personal memories, ideals, imagination and the representation of Helena, Penelope and Aphrodite in Greek mythology.

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