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LiTE-HAUS presents our first major group exhibition of SMALL WORKS. The artists were selected out of 104 applicants. It's a diverse, colorful collection of painting, illustration, photography, assemblage, and more. Scroll down for the artist list.

EXHIBITION: September 30 - October 9
VERNISSAGE: Sep 30 from 7pm-10pm (19:00-22:00)

Tue - Fri 1pm-7pm
Dien - Frei 13:00-19:00 Uhr
Saturdays 12pm-6pm
Samstag 12:00 - 18:00 Uhr
(Oct 9 open until late 8pm | 20:00)

Kamila Bartków

Candy Bassas

Georgios Belevesus (WAKE)

Lucio Cathexis

Amir Chasson

Niamh-Erin Cusack

Amrita Dhillon

Martina Minette Dreier

Elvira Flamm

Benjamin Fowler

Marianna Gefen

Satoshi Hoshi

Christian Büffel

Rachael Jablo

Kimiya Justus

Riikka Korpela

Patrice Lambeau

Karen Lang

Ming Lu

Christin Lutze

Younes Mohammadi

Wolfgang Nick

Bodo Niggemann

Carlo Nordloh

Jasmin Odendahl

Bärbel Rothhaar

Kazuki Shibata

Benjamin Smith

Isabella Thermes

Kristopher Thomas

Michael Vandorpe

Youri Visser-Benazeraf

Anne von Westphalen

Jan Weissenfeldt

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