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22. Jul - 25. Aug 2021

HOURS: Tuesday - Saturday 13:00-19:00

Hygiene protocols enforced.

LiTE-HAUS welcomes artist Sandra Blatterer who has created an interactive artwork combining light, video, and sculpture that people of all ages will enjoy.

In "SPACE IS ONLY NOISE" the light-produced drawings captivate and touch through their fleetingness and supposed unrepeatability, which is only evoked and intensified by the change of perspective of the viewer in motion.

Blatterer was born in Vienna. She now lives and works in Berlin. Most recently, she was part of the shortlist of artists exhibiting in the BBA Artist Prize 2021 at Kühlhaus.

In her artistic work Blatterer connects a range of different methods from draft sketches, to video mapping, installations and above all performances in context.

Her international multi-level works take their lead from different genres of media studies, music, photography and architecture in order to extend the parameters of performance art.

She investigates different methods of artistic light development and the effect of a variety of light qualities in spaces. She thematizes her work in collaborative projects and demonstrates her lighting experiments.

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