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"RZ Piscium is an Insatiable Eater of Worlds"

8. Jul - 17. Jul 2021

Vernissage: 8. Jul 19:00 Uhr

Hygiene protocols enforced.

Lemony T Gordon is an Italy born, Berlin-based creative practitioner operating across performance, video and communication. Working with experimental approaches to storytelling and sound, her work navigates the field of documentary, and fiction while engaging with themes of communication technology, and mental health. Her practice assembles a spectrum of influences deriving from science studies, media theory and philosophical post humanism.

The video work "RZ Piscium is an Insatiable Eater of Worlds" unsettles through a candid exploration of Bulimia as a social reality and metaphor for modern society's consumerisms, insatiable quest for virtual validation and media-fed myths. 

The artist has created an immersive experience in consisting of video, photography, text, and a small library. 

Lemony T Gordon is a project initiated by Maria Orciuoli in 2019.

Artist website:

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