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Diversity Day


Exhibition & Events June 5 to 17, 2018

Germany’s 6th Diversity Day will take place on the 5th of June 2018. Be part of it at LiTE-HAUS!


LiTE-HAUS is located in Neukölln, and we benefit from the ethnic and cultural diversity here. Artists from all around the world have come to Berlin to exhibit in our space and engage with our community. We look forward to enjoying events and exhibitions with our visitors - children and adults - during our extended celebrations of diversity from June 5 through June 17. 


On June 5th we will open our exhibition, which is interactive, allowing our community to contribute to the creation of a large assemblage of mementos on our walls. We invite children and their parents to participate on Monday June 4th prior to the exhibition. Donate your photos, writings, postcards, and other small items that can be attached together. We will punch little holes in the corners to connect them to a large community artwork on a "tree", which will be added to and expanded over the course of almost two weeks. This common mural contemplates the subject of "diversity". We will provide materials for painting and crafts as well as finger paints, pencils and chalks; but material donations are always welcome.

At the Vernissage on the 5th of June we cordially invite all friends of the gallery. Our doors will be open at 6pm for the evening celebrations. On exhibit are also photography by Ralf Kutschke from his travels in North Korea, Dirk-Martin Heinzelmann's photo series "Berlin Alexanderplatz brunnen der völkerfreundschaft, 2018", Claudia Schubert's photo series "Global Village", and The I Love You Project by our founder Debbie Davies.

UNESCO adopted the "Declaration on General Diversity" at its 3rd General Assembly in November 2001 and launched the "World Day of Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and Development". This action day aims to raise awareness of cultural diversity and to highlight the contribution of artists to the dialogue between cultures.

Via the Charta der Vielfalt association, over 240 organizations launched the Germany’s First Diversity Day in 2013. With more than 360 activities, they showed how diversity contributes to Germany's strength as well as addresses important current socio-political issues. Germany’s 5th Diversity Day on 30 May 2017 broke all records: about 1,300 activities were hosted by 430 organizations all across Germany. 

Germany's population exceeds 81 million - the largest nation in the European Union. Germany has developed into an important immigration country. Over 16 million people in Germany are immigrants or migrants, and - after the USA - it is the most popular country for immigrants to live. Let's connect with that diversity and enjoy creating some beautiful things in our community.

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