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"les fleurs d'or"

Solo Exhibition

EXHIBITION: NOV 9 - DEC 16, 2023



AUSSTELLUNG: 09.11.23 bis 16.12.23

VERNISSAGE: 09.11.23 17:00-21:00

Patrice Lambeau is a Swiss artist currently living and working in Berlin, who has exhibited internationally, and participated in art fairs.​

His stunning multi-layered artworks are created with multimedia collages under handcrafted epoxy resin layers. Often his works are made of wood, sometimes fused into antique frames for a sculptural look.​

Lambeau’s approach to his creative process is experimental, combining traditional techniques with digital technology to create an aesthetic that is dynamic and unique to his work.

HOURS: Tue - Sat 1PM  - 6PM | Dien - Sam 13:00 - 18:00 Uhr

CLOSED Sundays and Mondays

We are happy to stay open late or see you early for your scheduled visit outside of normal business hours. 

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