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"when we used to have fun"

ARTIST: Ewelina Makosa

June 18 - July 3, 2021

Hygiene protocols enforced. Appointments not required.

Hours Tuesday - Saturday 12:00 - 19:00

LiTE-HAUS is pleased at the return of Ewelina Makosa for her second exhibition here - a bold, multimedia installation.


“When we used to have fun” shows her artworks in a form of artifacts and a animation marked by the trace of human existence with a reference to the times we live in. In her art, Polish artist Ewelina Makosa deals with the problem of memory and socio-cultural conditions. She thinks that objects have complex relationships to humans, which results in divisive social values and ideals. The memory of what an object is can be fulfilled as long as anyone remembers what they were used for. That is why Makosa tries to recall objects which are forgotten or unuseful.

The presented artifacts in this installation are mostly elements from a children’s playground such as: fragments of a carousel, sand, umbrellas bases overgrown with moss, and an animation which refers to the strength of nature. These are elements which were present during the artist's childhood but also refer to the current reality.

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