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Curator: Debbie Davies

LiTE-HAUS presents another colorful group exhibition of diverse mediums from Berlin-based artists. 

All works are for sale. Help support living artists. 20% of these sales will benefit our Ukrainian creator projects this year.

EXHIBITION: May 19 - June 4, 2022
VERNISSAGE: May 19 6pm -9pm (18:00 - 21:00)

NEW Hours:
Tue - Fri 1pm - 5pm | Dien - Frei 13:00 -17:00 Uhr

Saturdays 1pm - 5pm | Samstag 13:00 - 17:00 Uhr

Other times by appointment only. We are happy to stay open late or see you early for your scheduled visit. Click here for an appointment.

LiTE-HAUS is a non profit organization. Your donations help us present exhibitions like this. Please consider donating - or buying art!

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