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Rosalinda Occhipinti

December 11-17, 2017

Gallery Hours: 11am - 6pm

Vernissage: December 11 6pm - 9pm

Rosalinda Occhipinti is an Italian Visual artist from Sicily active since 2011. She was born in Trapani in 1989. Her interests range from graphic to experimental photography, painting, collage and creative writing. She studied Cinema and Visual Arts in Italy where she had the opportunity to attend photography and drawing/painting courses. In 2012 she earned a Bachelor of Arts in Pisa with highest honors. She continued her studies in Rome and she graduated cum laude in Cinema and Film Studies from University of Roma Tre. In 2015 she earned a certificate of excellence in Scuola di Alta Formazione ASTRE in Rome. She was involved in cultural journalism and film criticism in Italy. She exhibited her artwork (abstract photographs on canvas) in the exhibitions “Profili di donna” and “Simmetrie ed asimmetrie” in Trapani and Palermo (Sicily). She moved to London in November 2015 where she continued to create, experiment and exhibit her artwork. She had the solo exhibition “Fragments of a Gaze” in London at BSGS College in Whitechapel (July 2017, London) with illustrations and abstract artwork. The solo exhibition was articulated into two main artistic forms: drawing and photography. She joined the Parallax Art Fair in Chelsea, London (October 2017).

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