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Raschmie Soukoulis

Pietá +

September 2 - 14, 2016

Vernissage September 2 19:00HR

Room 1 & 3

Greek artist Raschmie Soukoulis presents her collages, paintings, and drawings in her first solo exhibition in Berlin. Her detailed and somewhat obsessive artworks often portray human beings in intimate poses; yet even when embracing or kissing, there is something strained about the interactions. They are beautiful and poignant representations of humanity. Her more abstract works draw heavily on forms from nature, and the materials used in her collages provide texture that lures the viewer to touch.   


Soukoulis was born in Thessaloniki, and attended the Athens School of Fine Arts where she studied drawing, printmaking, and screenprinting. She continued her education in Budapest and London. She has participated in numerous exhibitions in Greece and Budapest and this is her first solo exhibition.

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