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Olivia Berger

Solo Exhibition in Room 1

February 19 - 25, 2017

Vernissage February 19 19:00

LiTE-HAUS welcomes Berlin artist Olivia Berger for a solo exhibition of two bodies of work. "Old Souls & Young Heart" and "Element yourself".

Berger was born in Mauritius and spent her childhood drawing and playing outside. Her dual German and Mauritian identity informed her perception of culture. The contrast and diversity of these lifestyles, cultures and environments, brought forth strong emotions and curiosity, expressed through her creativity

"Old Souls & Young Heart" is a series of artworks inspired by the aging process. Like art, aging is about a sense of time and the way we live with it. Aging is beautiful, it’s complex and perfect.

"Element yourself" is a series of artworks about nature and  we humans living with it. In a world where we lose our self in consumerism, technology, greed, we unconsciously and consciously disconnect from our true nature.

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