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Marius Heckmann

Ausstellung | Exhibition: 3. Sep - 26. Sep 2020

Marius Heckmann presents his second solo exhibition at LiTE-HAUS Galerie + Projektraum with a selection of works from his “Ungegenständlich” (immaterial / non-representational) series. 


In his abstract paintings, Marius Heckmann gives this one brushstroke a life of its own. This brushstroke almost breathes. It weaves and rustles, shimmers and purrs, pulls its path over the monochrome black. However, underneath the autonomous movements of the line lies a concise painting process, a design that has been envisioned long before the brush meets the canvas. Heckmann’s choice of colors - or rather the spare use of colors - adds another abstract level to his vision, while the use of tempera to his oil pigments allows the narrow lines of paint to create microstructures on the canvas and amplifies the overall texture. 

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