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Exhibition featuring the work of Archil Chikhladze

May 10 - May 17, 2019

Vernissage May 10 from 19:00 Uhr to 22:00 Uhr

Fugue to the telepresence

I'm sneaking between the cracks and spaces of the past,

misiplaced on the electrons in a speed of light.

Lines fly next to me, written with the brush of a poet,

with light in the room on the room.

From there arises my being here.

Telepresence is a word used to describe a sensation of being elsewhere, using virtual reality technology. In this series of work, the artist tries to examine the topic of telepresence in a classic medium, such as painting. Can we feel being in a space depicted by the painter?

The critic suggests, that visible brushstrokes and glossy oil paint can trigger a haptic longing to touch the painting’s surface. Moreover, these kind of haptic events can give rise to what she calls „vitalistic fantasies“: for example, the belief, going back to painting theorists in antiquity, that paintings bear some resemblance to their creator.


Despite actually being absent, the artist is imagined into the picture she or he created and seems to maintain ghostly presence within the work. Presence is also a quality usually prescribed to installation. The way of representing the whole work is to be understood as an installation, which takes visitors on the journey of the medium painting.

Exhibition: 10.5.2019-17.5.2019

Vernissage: 10.5.2019 19:00-22:00

Mareschstraße 4 12055

Fuge zur Telepräsenz

Ich schleiche zwischen die Spalten und den Räumen der Vergangenheit,

versetzt auf die Elektronen in einer Lichtgeschwindigkeit.

Da fliegen striche neben mir, verfasst mit einem Pinsel des Dichters,

mit Licht im Raum auf den Raum.

Da entsteht mein Dabeisein.

Ausstellung: 10.5.2019-17.5.2019

Vernissage: 10.5.2019 19:00-22:00

Mareschstraße 4 12055

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