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Debbie T. Davies

April thru June, 2018.

A multi-media exhibition by the founder of LiTE-HAUS Galerie + Projektraum - New York artist Debbie T. Davies - whose work explores consumerism, materialism, and waste with her paper flower assemblages. Davies work in finance exposes her to the incredible paperwork waste. Even with the digital capacity of this modern age, people still collect and discard paper. Davies "re-forms" the discarded paperwork into "paper flowers". You might get a chance to participate in helping make a new creation in one of our workshops.

The I Love You Project, founded by Davies in 2011, is a global interactive digital social art project that explores culture and celebrates diversity. This exhibition will consist of photographs taken with a digital microscope camera and video shot in Berlin, Frankfurt, Barcelona, and Kyiv.

Davies was first a painter. Her tactile small scale spiral paintings are colorful, brooding, and lures the viewer to touch. This exhibition features over 30 paintings made of materials that include pumice, mica, and garnet.

Microscope photos of everyday objects, and semi-nude portraits are also on exhibit. These images are the very first shot by Davies when she began experimenting with this unusual technology.

This exhibit will be ongoing through the month of June, 2018

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