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YOU can get involved in the LiTE-HAUS community.


LiTE-HAUS is more than a gallery. We encourage community involvement in arts and culture, and invite you to participate. Below is more information about some of the ways you can connect with the extended community of LiTE-HAUS.

We serve as a communications hub of the Congress of Cultural Activists based in Kyiv, Ukraine. The purpose of this group is to inspire more effective citizens activity in the cultural field. Through this collaboration we have access to historians, activists, journalists, and creators from Ukraine. Such professionals will be invited to offer lectures, panel discussions, training sessions, and workshops with our community. Click on the logo above for more information.

Community & Urbanistics

For Neukölln and Kreuzberg, gentrification is a big concern. While the trend can be helpful for making communities livable via better urban planning; the cost of living in these neighborhood can quickly rise to make it impossible for long-time residents to stay in their homes. Don't be passive. Get involved in what's happening. Visit our calendar for meeting information.

Immigrant & Refugee Issues

LiTE-HAUS encourages the education and support of Germany's immigrant and refugee population by being part of a network of progressive organizations that foster tolerance and understanding amongst cultures. We plan to offer meeting space to discuss provocative and current topics that impact our neighbors. We are open to suggestions for panel discussions and community meetings. Visit our calendar for meeting information.

Workshops offered in our space are not only for people with creative skill, but for anyone who wants to socialize and experiment with their creativity. The workshops are offered to children, teenagers, and adults. Participation in workshops is a great way to meet your neighbors, learn about what's happening in the community, and stretch your creative muscles. Visit our workshops page for details.

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