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Art21"Berlin" Screening

Curated by Dalida Kibir

Free Screening on Thursday 14. February

Beginning at 19:00

Join LiTE-HAUS Galerie + Projektraum as we offer a free screening of Art21's recent documentary iteration "Berlin" that premiered in September 2018. Delving into our ever-evolving city's art scene is a reason we are all here today so come explore Art21's take on the creativity that pulses through every Berliner's veins.

"A city still in the midst of a post–Cold War cultural and economic rebirth, since the 1990s Berlin has become a haven for artists from all over the world—a free zone where experimentation, individual expression, and international influences converge. From creating large-scale public projects to intimately personal ones, the artists in this episode demonstrate the diversity of practice and sensibilities in the German capital, expose its complicated history of war and migration, and convey hopes for finding systems that foster a better tomorrow." - Art21

Art21 is a nonprofit organization dedicated to inspiring a more creative world through the works and words of contemporary artists. This edition of their video project, which premiered in September 2018 highlights the work of four contemporary Berlin artists.

More information here:

Screening begins at 19:00
Free entry

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